sevi & vox, east meets west...

Several times a day, we get asked "are you from Halifax". That's a slightly complicated question. Me, Vox, I am from Southern Ontario (London) but I lived in Calgary for many years. Sevi (the chef) is from the Ottawa/Hull region but he moved to Halifax to go to Saint Mary's University. He just never went back... (something about sailing and the ocean he says?) Five years ago, we decided to stop doing the long distance thing and Sevi moved to Calgary. The only problem is, he missed the late night street food and the ocean. We can't do anything about the ocean but we fixed the food problem by starting a food truck, but not just any old food truck - The Mighty Halifax Style Donair! Our reason for being is to feed those with a craving for that special mix of beef, spice and sweet sauce and to introduce Calgarians to this delicious Halifax treat.